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Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.

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Been constantly eating this for several weeks alreadyyy.. sarap!

Been constantly eating this for several weeks alreadyyy.. sarap!

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For Noah, surrender was not a single decision or noteworthy event; it was a process. A routine. A journey. A walk.

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Aug 21, 2013 - At approximately 3:00am this morning in Damascus, a year to the day after Obama’s infamous “red line” speech warning Assad about using chemical weapons, and as a specialized UN inspection team sleep in their hotels in Damascus, ostensibly there to investigate a CW attack 6 months…

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"At kung ikaw ay nakatawa, ako pa ba ay nakikita?" Haha

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Red, white or blue lips.  What will you be wearing this 4th of July?

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  • Twitter account hacked. Awts.

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Smart ideas for Smarter cities

Cool! Haha

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ASHLYN’S STYLE: I’d describe my style as where classic and current collide. I have a great fondness for vintage and timeless styles/cuts which is apparent looking at my wardrobe. I’m usually found sporting something with a collar- an oxford button down is my go-to piece if I can’t think of anything else to wear. As for the bottom half, high-waisted skirts and boyfriend jeans are my ultimate staples.

INSPIRATION: In life and in dress, I’m inspired by role models from past decades. I love looking at images of female factory workers from WWII and Rosy the Riveter is a personal icon of mine. Amelia Earhart is also a great source of inspiration. Beyond that, I soak up the Southern atmosphere around me for lifestyle and sartorial inspiration. I live at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains which has played a huge role in the way I live and dress.

WHAT EXCITES YOU THE MOST IN LIFE? Being nineteen, what excites me most is the number of possibilities that I have in front of me. Aside from the positivity that I have about my future, the little things in life excite me most: the way the summer air smells on an evening drive with the windows down, tires crunching over a gravel driveway, open fields, and the perfect playlist to accompany it all. 

WHO DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE MOST EMPOWERING INDIVIDUAL? In my life, the most influential and empowering individual has always been my mother. Although all of my parents and step parents are wonderfully supportive, my mom just gets me the best. Occasionally, she figures out things about my life before I’ve even had the chance to mention them. Aside from that, she has always instilled a sense of accountability and dignity in me that’s allowed me to reach my goals.

WHAT ROLE DOES SOCIAL MEDIA PLAY IN YOUR LIFE? Social media is a way to give other people a glimpse into what I’m thinking. I’ve connected with a friend over favorited tweets and spent time scrolling through Tumblr with my boyfriend to talk about fashion inspiration. Instagram is absolutely perfect for capturing moments that I never want to forget and allowing others to live them with me.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO WEARING THE MOST THIS SUMMER? This summer, I’m looking forward to wearing simple pieces with interesting details. I can’t wait to try out some backless pieces!

WHAT IS ON YOUR SUMMER PLAYLIST? I’m actually listening to my summer playlist at the moment. Some of the artists include: Jesse Woods, Mikky Ekko, Sea Wolf, and The Head and the Heart. I like the summer songs I play to be evocative of the emotions that we feel throughout the summer, whether that’s nostalgia, heartache, or pure elation.


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